Every kingdom has a secret. Every hero, a weakness. Every villain, a master plan. We are defined not by what has been done to us, but by what we do. A realm where ancient technology exists in a fragile balance with magic. Ancient beings watch over the worlds in Caeruleus Aether to maintain a balance between Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Science and Magic, Nature and Man.

In this era before written history, there are those that would undo the very fabric of Life and tangle the threads of Fate, who wish to tip the balance, to upset the fragile order that has been established and these forces will do anything in their power to upset it.

But there are those that wish to protect the balance at all costs and have made attempts at stopping these forces, all to no avail. Now the stage is set. Welcome to the beginning of the end of the known era.

Welcome to Caeruleus Aether.

What you will find here is a compilation of information encompassing the universe of Caeruleus Aether. From the network of black towers located throughout the universe to the ancient halls of a castle that exists in this plane and the next. Organizations, gods, myths, worlds, and history. All of it can be found here.


Please be aware that the stories of Caeruleus Aether are novels and/or short stories presented in rough draft form.  You read that right: most of what you read on this site will be a first rough draft that will be edited later. Random bits of art, illustrations, and notes will be added throughout.   Think of them as serial novels written in the early 1900s published in magazines, much like what E. R. Burroughs and H. P. Lovecraft did.

Please note that everything written here is as I go.  There may be a week or two of silence until I post the next section or chapter.  I will try to have a buffer so that I don’t leave anyone hanging, but I can’t guarantee anything with a demanding school schedule.

Corrections and revisions will be made as I am made aware of them, be they by me or by the readers.  It’s terribly embarrassing for me to have mistakes posted, but they happen.  I know that I’m notorious for leaving out whole words and phrases when I write, even with the help of a beta or two and me editing.


Illustrations and background information will be added randomly (read: whenever the muse strikes and I type everything up or scan things in) and drabbles will be added as they’re finished.

The stories I will strive to update on some sort of schedule once I feel I have enough of a buffer.  Once that is done, I’ll be sure to update this page on what type of updates there will be (whatever ends up working best for my schedule: weekly, bi-weekly, every Tuesday and Thursday, etc.)

Social Media

I have another wordpress blog that is for personal use.  I do mention some of the going ons related to writing, but if you’re wondering what the hold up is, you may want to take a peek over there to see if there are some life issues influencing things.  That blog can be found under Destinare

There is also a Facebook page, for those interested in becoming fans and keep track of when updates are added to the site.  I’m hoping to post more often on that page, and I’m terrible at remembering.  I’ll be sure to update more often.

I also have a tumblr account.  It’s pretty random, but you’re more than welcome to follow along to see what sort of inspiration I look at and some fandoms I follow.  I apologize for nothing.  If you’d like to take a look, you can find me under Caeruleus Aether


I want to give huge thanks to A. M. Filiatreault, for without her help my universe and characters wouldn’t be as fleshed out as they are now.  With honest feedback and telling me things that I didn’t want to hear but needed to.  I owe her so much, I don’t even know how to begin thanking and repaying her.

To S. Gulledge, for her constant support.  Her encouragement on even drabbles and snippits of my work has helped me continue writing.

To C. Codner, for her excitement about her own world and characters, which reminded me of my own enjoyment when I first started working on Caeruleus Aether and helped me return to this universe.


Walk into the Woods?

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