All are tied together in one way or another, whether they are aware of it or not.  As each of them try to find out why Lyrac is attempting to destroy the timeline — and some believe the universe — more confusing clues are revealed.  And some come to find out that not everyone is who they claim to be.

Main Characters

Adrian Cross, Prince of S’ran of the world Caselien

The bastard son of Prince Leon Cross, he was raised with his older sisters until he joined the Knights of S’ran.  Somewhere along the way, he was discharged and traveled the world, only to wind up Tempted and turned into a vampire.  A decade later, Adrian returned home a completely different man: matured, well educated, and managing a business or two.  After a series of unfortunate incidents with his three eldest sisters, his sister Iadira inherited the throne of S’ran.  When she decided to step down, Adrian became ruler.  Since coming into power, he works hard and tirelessly to help S’ran become a major power once again on Caselien. Since accepting Lucien Roan into his princedom and working with him on his mission, Adrian finds himself pulled ever deeper into a far more complex plot than he initially thought.

Arion Rahn

Damien Tierce Ovalin, Emperor of Laskanda

The Emperor of Laskanda in later times, not to be confused with Duke Nikola’s brother.

Diahnee of the Aevum

She’s cold and distant, almost analyzing everything in a detached manner. The only person she seems to show any sort of affection for is Solara, the only person in the world she sees as being her family and the only person she can rely on.  Her relationship with others is strained, and her attitude and demeanor toward them doesn’t help.  She seems to know more about what’s going on than those around her, but seems reluctant to divulge any more information than absolutely necessary, choosing her words with great care.  She comes to trust several others over time and begins to open up to those that she’s gathered around her to help in her self appointed mission to stop Lyrac Argona.

Galena Venowen

Sister of Ruthven Venowen and granddaughter of Ruben Venowen, a Judge of the Korusco.

Lucien RoanLucien Roan

A young man and Blade Dancer who is far older than he looks.  He has fought against Lyrac Argona before and hopes to find a way to defeat him to restore balance to the universe.  He took to traveling the worlds to find information or weapons that stand a chance against Lyrac, and has become a Knight of S’ran with Wallace von Blair’s help.  This has given him ample opportunity to travel Caselien and learn more, especially with so many Black Towers on the planet.  As he continues down this path, he finds that his self appointed task may be far more difficult than he initially thought.

Lyrac Argona

No one knows why Lyrac is doing the things that he is.  All that’s known about him is that he has made several appearances on many worlds all throughout the timeline in what appears to be in an effort to destroy things as they are.  He has appeared in several ancient texts with only a description of Lyrac and the events surrounding him, with very few clues left behind.  The events involving Lyrac appear to be random and without reason, including the persons he chooses to interact with.  Only one person is said to have survived an encounter with him, but it’s possible that others have as well.

Mercedes Roan

Solara Valesti of the Aevum

Diahnee’s constant companion, she is far more approachable than her friend.  She is able to talk with strangers easily, but is very selective of her friends.  She holds a wealth of knowledge and appears to have her own system for judging whether or not someone should know something.  It is implied through conversation that she gained knowledge through her travels to other Realms and worlds.

Tarrant Ovone

Valkyrie Vaeramae

Sent out with several other Valkyries to investigate a strange anomaly by Brynhildr, she follows her strict orders of noninterference.  When she experiences what she thinks Brynhildr meant, she fully intends to stay with the world she was assigned to see if it was merely a strange occurrence or something with a bigger impact.  But when Ölrún has a vision, Vaeramae believes in it enough to follow it, disobeying her orders.  Ölrún’s vision answers their question of what’s going on, but leaves many more questions behind.  As she digs deeper into the mysteries surrounding certain persons and events, she begins to wonder if something else beyond the control of the gods is going on.

Minor Characters

Alexander Rader von Blair, Marquis of Chalcedony

Alexander von Blair, Baron of Chalcedony

Callina Ovalin, Empress of Laskanda

Calypso Reis

Prince Caolán

A Fae prince from the forest located in L’Aquitaine on the world of L’Main.  Advisor to Rhys and Kieran Mondradgon.

Constantine von Blair

Traveling companion of Vaeramae, Kieran, and Rhys.

Kieran Mondragon

Married to Rhys Mondragon and the Queen of L’Aquitaine on the world of L’Main.

Mihr Rahn, Seneschal of Erasmus, Territory of the Kingdom of Gerynn of the planet L’Main

Nikola, Duke of Kóbor

Brother of the Emperor of Laskanda who is hoping to establish a trade alliance between Laskanda and L’Aquitaine. He appears to be close friends with Constantine von Blair.

Nova von Blair, Marques of Chalcedony

Rhys Mondragon

Married to Kieran Mondragon and ruler of his own kingdom.

Ruthven Venowen

The brother of Galena Venowen and grandson of Ruben Venowen, a Judge of the Korusco.

Wallace von Blair

A good friend of Adrian Cross and Lucien Roan who goes by the nickname “Wally.”  He teaches Lucien Roan the intricacies of court life, including etiquette.  Over time, Wallace becomes Lucien’s closest friend and confident, resulting in a life long friendship between the Roans, the von Blairs, and the Crosses.  It should be noted that the von Blairs hold lands not just on Caselien but also on Laskanda, their homeworld.  As such, Wallace and his brother are set to divide the lands between them: Wallace inheriting the lands on Caselien and his brother the historical estate on Laskanda.

Influential Characters

Adaemee Davornae, Duchess of Tandros

Asyria Janarae, Queen of Gerynn

Brimra, Sorcerer and self titled Lord

Guenwhyvar Roan, Master Blade Dancer

Hjordis, Blood Singer Elder

Lysacon, Ambassador of L’Aquitaine

Miranu Rain, General of the Aestosi Empire

Onder, Prince of the Aestosi Empire

Rader Rahn, Master Blade Dancer and Consort to Queen Asyria of Gerynn


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