Prompt: N/A

Characters: Cinnia, Marduk

Series: Caeruleus Aether: Blackbird

Notes: Slightly spoilery, but doesn’t give away the entire story. Written on the fly during a work break.


“Fix it.”

Marduk stood with the Tablet in his hands, unmoving.

“Fix it!”

He flinched at my tone and finally moved. He repaired the parts where Vaeramae and Tomoe destroyed worlds and rep0pulates them.

“All of it.”

“No,” he said, letting the Tablet hang at his side.

“You will,” I promised him. I took a step forward and let all of my galmours drop. I revealed my true self to him. “I am younger than the Dawn but older than the Earth. There are very few amonst the Gods and immortals who can match me. You will fix the Tablet.”

He paled visibly, brining the Tablet up and used the remaing magic to repair the cracks, careful not to change certain parts.

I resumed the form that he was most used to seeing me in: small, lithe, and dark.

“If you are so powerful, why do you not fixt it?” he challenged.

I laughed. “It’s not my magic.” I see a look in his eye and warn him. “I am still capable of doing a great deal of harm to you.”

He carefully wrapped the Tablet in worn leather. “The daughters of Ishtar and the daught of Sin have a very powerful guardian.”

“They have their own paths to follow,” I said evenly, lifting my chin. “I am but a storyteller.”


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