Title: Devotion
Characters: Vaeramae, Tiernan
Note: This is an alternate universe drabble, but I like it enough to post it here.  And yes, there will probably be AU stuff on the site.


Vaeramae was quiet for a long while, her attention focused elsewhere as she thought of an answer for her son’s question. “When I was a Valkyrie,” she began slowly, quietly, “I remember that sometimes warrior on the brink of death would see me. I would tell them that it was not their time to die. They would ask me for the name of the maiden who bids them to live and I would give them my True Name. These warriors would devote their lives to me, dedicating battles in my name. I always made sure to be the first one there when they died so that I could claim their souls and make them my Einherjar.”

She focused her gaze back onto Tiernan and smiled, if a bit sadly. “For a celestial Valkyrie, it is the closest she is allowed to love a mortal man, to any type of… romance, for lack of a better term. For a half-divine Valkyrie, it is much the same but she can take on mortal form to be with him for a short while. So long as she doesn’t break the rules she will be allowed to continue this.

“I never thought that this would happen to one of my own children.”

“Is that bad? My wanting to be with her?”

“No, not at all. Just… bittersweet in a way.”

Tiernan thought over his mother’s story, announcing, “I will be like one of these warriors then if that’s all that I’m allowed with her.”

Vaeramae nearly cried.


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