An ancient race of people that lived thousands of years ago. Evidence has been found on not just one world but several of where they used to live. No one seems to be able to find conclusive information on what these people looked like, what their culture was like, and how long ago they lived.  For what is known about them, be sure to read the entry on them here.

The last remnants of the Vilya Feya, the Ain are believed to be the result of the offspring between a human and a Vilya Feya. When the Aestosi Empire fell, scholars and historians believe that the Vilya Feya spread out across L’Main and to the other worlds and began to intermingle with the native species of each region, giving rise to the Ain. They are distant cousins to the Laskandians; however, they have lost the ability to fly and instead glide on the air currents.

The Black Towers
A system of towers that are actually libraries that are still in use to this day. They are found throughout most inhabited worlds and bear the distinctive murals made by the Aevum found on some worlds. Some theorize that the ancient Aevum created them to help catalog all of the major events and important people on each world as a “working history” of the universe.

Blood Singers
Protectors once long ago, their use of blood to induce a controlled frenzy for combat made them dangerous, making them close to berserkers. The very air sang with blood as they fought, so the stories go. They originally began as part of the Order of The Blade Dancer, much like the Shadow Walkers; however, because of differences of thought and how things should be done, they broke off and formed a loosely knit group. They have since disappeared but there are rumors that they may still be about.  More information can be found here.

The Crystal Tower
A tower that once resided on L’Main, but now lost at the bottom of a sea, along with the island that it resided on: Anconica. Some believe that the tower is actually a temple, the very one where Galena and Ruthven once fought each other. Others say that the tower was really a way to reach the moons of Silivrenniel and Ithilwen, two moons orbiting the world of L’Main. Scholars refuse to say which it is until evidence can be found to say one way or the other.

“Hot Spot”
A common slang term used to describe places of power.  Sometimes called “mana.” Usually, these places are teeming with energy that can be tapped into by a magic user. This power has been known to be harnessed, but it’s extremely difficult, as the energy in these places are volatile and dangerous. Spells have been known to go awry and magic users to go missing.  In most instances, they are considered sacred places.

A title in Korusco society given to one member in each major House on Silivrenniel and Ithilwen. Their duty is to judge who is deemed worthy enough to gain access to the Ultimate Power. All Judges have access to the UP, but only to a portion of it at a single time.

A race created by the goddess Melyl to protect the Ultimate Power at all costs. Some leave the two moons of Silivrenniel and Ithilwen to actively search for the one to claim the this power, but most stay home. They appear to look like the other races in the universe but have a slight shimmer to their skin when the sun hits it right and their hair has a metallic tint to it.  More can be found here.

Shadow Walkers
Also once part of the Order of the Blade Dancers, they are very much like their brethren save for the fact that they use more magic, especially those pertaining to darkness. This is not to say that they are evil. They are far from that. The Shadow Walkers earned their name from the ability to use dark magic to manipulate the shadows around them to hide in and also to walk from one shadow to the next. They merely protect their charge by not being so obvious, hence the hiding in the shadows and not dressing in a uniform. Instead, they will try to blend in as their charge’s friend or, if they are of higher status, in their entourage. They are not to be confused with Onmitsu –Ninja– or assassins for they neither assassinate people nor sell their skills for hire.  More information can be found about them here.

A predecessor of the Elves, these ancient people lived on select worlds. They were known to be wanderers and skilled combatants. As the Elves and Humans increased in populations, the Serens began to die out, out bred by their own children: the Elves. There isn’t much difference between the Elves and the Serens save for the fact that the Serens had longer ears and cultural differences. Whereas the majority of the Elves have been known for creating vast, beautiful cities deep within forests, the Serens lived in small villages where certain members of their tribe would journey out to learn about the world then return to teach others.

Ultimate Power
A power alluded to, but never given specifics on. Only the Korusco and a few select trusted others do and they seem to want to keep it that way. Some think it’s a weapon, others a spell. Still, the Korusco guard this power with their lives to ensure that it isn’t misused.

A variation of the spelling of “vampire,” and the one that the vampire like creatures on the planet Caselien prefer. On Caselien, they are not the beasts of legend, killing as they choose. Many take donors and live peacefully with others.  It is theorized that the natives of Caselien are the ones that gave the inspiration for the popular monster on some worlds.

Vilya Feya
A winged race of people living near the Serens. It was once thought that these people could fly but have since lost that ability and can only glide. An interesting fact about the Vilya Feya is that their wings take on the characteristics of their owner. For example, if a man feels as though his hands are stained with the blood of those he killed, parts of his wings will have faint tinges of red on them like blood. They have since disappeared in modern times, replaced by the Ain.


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