It began in Chaos, and the One – known as Aion Teleos (The Broadest Aeon) – was the first being, who created Ennoea (thought, intent), Caen (power), and Akhana (love). Aion Teleos left to create other universes and realms and left Ennoea, Caen, and Akhana to their own devices. Ennoea was the only that could create while Caen and Akhana seek to maintain a balance in the universe that they were given.

In time, what mortal beings interpreted as gods were created. Fate/Destiny was in the unique position that she was able to manipulate time and exist outside of it. While worlds were created and Ennoea, Caen, and Akhana moved on from those worlds, Fate began to notice that everything existed in a cycle: life, death, and rebirth. Ennoea created the worlds, Akhana gave them life, Caen destroyed the worlds over time, only for Ennoea to use what was left of the worlds to create new ones.

The three were unaware of this and Fate thought nothing of it, seeing the process as the natural rhythm of the universe; however, one day Fate revealed her observations to Akhana in passing, finding the information intriguing and thought Akhana would find it the same. Instead, Akhana became insane with rage and confronted Caen. After a fierce struggle, Caen was split in two, tipping the balance. Both halves were cast out and sent to live on the mortal plane.

With Caen’s absence, races and worlds began to live longer. Things would die in time, but not when they should to allow for healthy growth on a world. Other higher beings began to notice and grew concerned. Bringing the situation to Ennoea’s attention, she sought to rectify the situation. Akhana refused to listen and continued to create life on the worlds formed by Ennoea, never revealing what exactly she did with Caen.

Ennoea grew angry and a war began between the two, which led to her defeat. Ennoea was cast out, along with those that sided with her. Some believe that Ennoea allowed herself to be cast down.

Destiny felt that it is her responsibility to fix things, but unsure how. She watched the worlds and kept a weather eye on Akhana as Ennoea was cast down to the mortal plane.

Ennoea took on mortal form as one of the Aevum, seeking to learn what happened before and what will happen after from other realities that have already occurred, spending many incarnations among them to learn.

For more information concerning the vast and varied history of Caeruleus Aether, feel free to click on the links below:

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