The Aevum

An ancient race of people that lived thousands of years ago. Evidence has been found on not just one world but several of where they used to live. No one seems to be able to find conclusive information on what these people looked like, what their culture was like, and how long ago they lived.


World of Origin: L’Main
Humanoid, Race of Man

  • Average Height: 5’4″ (162.6 cm) to 5’11” (180.3 cm)
  • Average Weight: 140 (63.5 kg) to 180 (81.6 kg)
  • Hair: Varied
  • Eyes: Varied
  • Skin: Olive to dark brown
  • Arms: Two
  • Legs: Two
  • Strength: Average human
  • Intelligence: Above average to high
  • Inherent Magic Abilities: Air, fire, water, earth, metal, space, and time

Aging (in years)

  • Infant: 3 years
  • Child: 9 years
  • Adolescent: 9 years
  • Adult: 700 years
  • Aged: 500 years


Almost always patient and soft spoken. They are typically deliberate in their actions and decisions, but once committed to a path they rarely deviate from it. The Aevum are naturally curious and tend to not only observe but also ask a lot of questions. Judging by the technology left behind, it is assumed that they bore a great aptitude for creating, maintaining, and innovating technology, often infusing it with magic.


Theology: Pantheon
Main God:
Aeon Teleos
Worship Style

  • How: Offering
  • Where: Field, home, shrine, temple
  • Who: Priest, priestess


Marriage: Monogamy, bisexual
Family Structure:

Social Structure

Dominant Caste: Priest/Magi


  • Qualifications: training and age
  • Privileges: Able to come and go from Lyonesse as they please due to their responsibility of keeping record of the events surrounding them. Many live in other Realm and sub-Realms to learn more about the events and people they are watching and keep in regular contact with their brethren in Lyonesse.


  • Qualifications: Training
  • Privileges: The warrior caste is able to leave and return to Lyonesse when they want, but most stay close to the sub-Realm that they consider home. Most consider it their sworn duty to protect their home from those that would seek the knowledge and technology of the Aevum for ill purposes. Others are struck by the wanderlust of their ancestors and strike out across the Realms, often providing information about any possible threats to the Aevum.


  • Qualifications: Training, referral
  • Privileges: If not a warrior or priest/magi, many are workers. They remain in Lyonesse and work on a variety of projects. On top of the items livelihoods required for every day living, there are other projects that are constantly being worked on:
  • updating and maintaining ancient technology
  • building and maintaining temples
  • assistant researchers to the priests/magis
  • textiles and ceramics for trade


Main Fabric: Fur, hide, plant fiber

The clothes of the Aevum are typically loose fitting and flowing when in Lyonesse. They do posses a variety of clothes made specifically to protect them from a variety of climates as well as styles, as they never know where or when they will arrive. These clothes range from simple robes to detailed suits and dresses.


  • Where: Home
  • Who: Head Magi
  • What: History, Mathematics, Languages, Logic, Philosophy


Main Building Material: Stone, nature

  • Characteristic Features: Organic, round, blends in with nature and surroundings
  • Biggest Buildings: Temples, meeting hall type places for community decisions


  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Games


Notes: combination of technology with magic; ancient technology, not futuristic


Model: trade and free market



Among the Aevum, there are leaders from each of the various groups of people that come together and decide on what’s best for their people. Ideally, the leaders listen to those that elected them to that position and they bring the concerns of their people/group up before the congregation for those issues to be addressed.


The Aevum are a race of Man that many believe to have died out long ago. They are considered the first to travel among the stars and the first to discover multiple Realms and sub-Realms, giving rise to the theory that many of the worlds and Realms touch and/or overlap. While it hasn’t been proven, the Aevum are generally thought to have found a way to travel to any point in time.

They thrived for a time when the Realms were relatively new. They settled on many worlds and helped tame a few as well. The one that most are familiar that the Aevum had a great deal of influence with is Laskanda, with the world being one of three satellites orbiting a much larger world. It is through their technology — that operates to this day — that made the world habitable and keeps Laskanda’s oceans regulated.

As the Aevum journeyed from world to world and Realm to Realm, they built tall, imposing black towers. These towers have been found on many worlds and are generally referred to as the Black Tower Network. Scholars have found within the towers information pertaining to the region that each tower is located in. The prevailing theory is that the Aevum transferred the information amongst themselves and stored the collected data in some remote site.

After a time, these ancient peoples seemingly disappeared from the worlds and Realms all together, leaving behind only remnants of their technology and buildings. It is thought that the Aevum were a desert dwelling people. Many of the ruins found in the desert are thought to be Aevum architecture and bare striking resemblances to the Black Towers.

Why they left or disappeared is unknown at this time.


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