The Korusco

The Korusco were long lived among the Races of Man and valued knowledge. So much so that in the ancient past they were known to work with the Aevum on more than one occasion. They were rarely seen out among the Realms, thus becoming regulated to myth. Like the Aevum, they have become an ancient lost race.


World of Origin: Silivrenniel and Ithilwen, two moons orbiting L’Main
Humanoid, Race of Man

  • Average Height: 5’5″ (165.1 cm) to 6’2″ (182.9 cm)
  • Average Weight: 135 (61.23 kg) to 200 (90.72 kg)
  • Hair: Varied, with a slight metallic sheen
  • Eyes: Varied
  • Skin: Pale to dark brown, with a slight metallic sheen
  • Arms: Two
  • Legs: Two
  • Strength: Above average human
  • Intelligence: Above average to high
  • Inherent Magic Abilities: Air, fire, water, and earth

Aging (in years)

  • Infant: 5 years
  • Child: 10 years
  • Adolescent: 10 years
  • Adult: 5000 years
  • Aged: 1000 years


Most Korusco take their duty of protecting the knowledge of Aeon Teleos very seriously, to the point that many are willing to go to great lengths to do so. They were known not only for being very serious but also for the wanderlust that would sometimes strike some of the Korusco.


Theology: Pantheon
Main Gods:
Melyl and Nox
Worship Style

  • How: Offering
  • Where: Home, temple
  • Who: Priest, priestess


Marriage: Monogamy, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual
Family Structure:

Social Structure

Dominant Caste: Judge


  • Qualifications: Chosen by group decision by the Judges to replace one that is dead or leaving
  • Privileges: Unlimited access to the knowledge of Aeon Teleos. Imbued with a sliver of power of the gods, they have almost divine powers capable of protection and destruction. They’re sworn duty is to protect the knowledge of Aeon Teleos within the cores of the two moons.


  • Qualifications: Training, age, and chosen by a high priest or priestess
  • Privileges: Limited access to the knowledge of Aeon Teleos. They preside over many of the formal ceremonies giving honour to Melyl, Goddess of the Moon, and Nox, Goddess of the Night. They have access to all public libraries as well as the restricted sections.


  • Qualifications: Training, promotion through the ranks
  • Privileges: No access to the knowledge of Aeon Teleos. The warrior caste is a mix of poor and upper class and are relatively well educated in relation to their duties. Second only to the Judges, their devotion to protecting the knowledge of Aeon Teleos was known to be quite fierce; however, they were also known to be seen in the other Realms from time to time.


  • Qualifications: Training, referral
  • Privileges: No access to the knowledge of Aeon Teleos. Their education comprises mostly of their vocation, but there are chances for them to improve and advance their position. The work caste not only includes manual labor but also salaried professionals.


Main Fabric: Fur, hide, plant fiber

  • Wool, linen, and silk


  • Where: Home, library/libraries, university
  • Who: Authorized instructor, professor
  • What: History, Mathematics, Languages, Logic, Philosophy, Physical Education, Military, Vocational Education, Music


Main Building Material: Stone

  • Characteristic Features: Romanesque architecture


  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Games
  • Debate


Their technology was largely hand tools in the beginning and grew to incorporate magic into their daily lives. It wasn’t until they came into contact with the Aevum that the Korusco started using a combination magic and technology.


Model: trade and free market
Currency: coin; paper money is viewed as useless



The Korusco are ruled by a small group elected from twelve Houses: Venowen, Argall, Hir, Obar, Diol, Bíró, Kardos, Cynefrið, Laninga, Wāðsige, Reijnders, Zoric


The Korusco were created by Melyl to help her protect the knowledge of Aeon Teleos buried deep within the twin moons of Silivrenniel and Ithilwen. At the time, many of the other gods had been forbidden from creating their own children. When news spread of what Melyl had done, Caen and Akhana relented and allowed others to choose a world and create children based on their own nature.

It was around this time that the Aevum came to be on L’Main. It wasn’t long before the two cultures came into contact with one another. Some believe that it was the desire to meet the Korusco in person that lead to the Aevum designing and creating the Blue Heaven Road. The first gate is thought to be the Crystal Tower on L’Main, which legend says was used to journey to Silivrenniel and Ithilwen. Whatever the case may be, the two met and began to trade in technology, knowledge, and magic, along with the traditional fare in trade.

When the Korusco were able to leave their moons and journey out to the worlds around them did it become more well known that they were the protectors of some great power. The rumours grew and became more exaggerated. Before long, many from other Realms and worlds came to Silivrenniel and Ithilwen in the hopes of claiming this power for themselves.

From what records that could be found, the Korusco and the Aevum joined forces to repell those that came to the twin moons. What started out as repelling forces from their home turned into a war. The other Races of Man thought it unfair that the Korusco and Aevum had access to such a power and demanded that it be shared. It was then that the gods intervened.

A system was put into place that those that wished to be granted this power had to be judged by thirteen of their peers. If their cause was found to be worthy, they would gain the power to accomplish their goals. If not, then they were returned to the Realm or world that they originated from. There were protests at first that twelve of the judges would be Korusco, but when Melyl offered to be the thirteenth, all were silent. Each of the chosen Korusco were bestowed a sliver of power from the gods, allowing them to protect Silivrenniel and Ithilwen and destroy those that would try to take the knoweldge of Aeon Teleos by force.

Once all was settled, those that came to the twin moons were returned to their home world or Realm by the gods, all to ensure that the knoweldge of Aeon Teleos was kept safe and never abused. Many came and left from the two moons, seeking to be judged worthy, but none have succeeded. In time, fewer came until one day it was thought that this great power was no more than a myth.

The Korusco no longer journeyed from their home, save for a rare few. With the disappearance of the Aevum, the Korusco decided to stay on their moons. In time, they were mere legends. What became of them is often a subject of debate. Some scholars theorize that they left with the Aevum and the two moons orbiting L’Main are as barren as the deserts that the Aevum once inhabited. Others believe that people living on the moons were nothing more than a fanciful tale to tell children at bedtime. No one knows for sure, and those that are currently studying the Crystal Tower — the only known phsyical piece of evidence from the stories about the Korusco to be found — are frustrated, but the structure appears to be intent on keeping its secrets.


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