A Castle and Its Residents

A Castle and Its Residents

There’s a castle on Caselien – named Kaer — that sits on one of those energy hot spots that one finds now and again. Usually, gates — known to some as The Heavens’ Road or Cearuleus Aether — are built here. For whatever reason, a castle was. During its prime, it was known as a fortress with high, natural rock formations as part of its defenses. Legends say that a star fell to the earth and the lake near the castle was formed, along with the unique coloured rocks. The castle was also known for its vast library. People not only from the world but from other planets came to either donate books, add knowledge, find it, or learn.

It’s rumoured that the castle is the very place where seven gods had fallen from grace, cursed to live as mortals, forever reincarnated. Others say that these seven became mortal of their own free will, choosing instead to change the course of history as only mortals can.

The place is considered holy. And very haunted.

There is a quiet, unnatural hush about the castle and its surroundings that it warrants whispering. Voices and footsteps are heard, a glimpse of something caught out of the corner of an eye. Some have entered the castle and disappear. Others return years later, completely unchanged. Many still enter and leave the castle either awed or in utter terror.

The only truths known about the castle is that it was once used as a fortress, it was once known for its library, it once had a working gate of its own, and it was once connected to the ancient city of Tymy on L’Main.

Below is a list of residents that have made the castle home, typically in the dream realm or on one of the other dimensions or realms that the castle makes its home. There are many visitors to the castle still, as the knowledge that was thought to be lost still exists in other planes of existence. One merely needs to know how to get there.

Note: Not much is explained about the Residents. I realize this. In time, there will be a short explanation/bio about them.

Typically found in the library or on the ramparts

Star Goddess
Found outside at night, by the lake during the day

Lord of the Forest
Found by the forest or the lake

Found outside or looking at art inside the castle

Found either in the library or tinkering with technology

Found outside at night, by the lake or meadow during the day; she wanders about the castle grounds more than the others

Usually by the lake, but does wander about the castle grounds

The Messenger
Usually in the library, but wanders when looking for something

The Cold One
Almost always in the library


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