The Order of the Blade Dancers

Planet of Origin: L’Main

Continent: Unknown
Current Whereabouts: Unknown; presumed that Order spread from L’Main to other nearby planets in the system before contact was lost

The Blade Dancers are an ancient Order comprised of warriors, mages, and archers, both foreign and domestic, to maintain the balance of the world. The long term goal of this Order is to promote the training of its members into elite fighters that can protect their charges and help keep the fragile balance of powers, whether they be political or not, in check.

To accomplish this goal, the Blade Dancers provide training, help create equipment, and provide real world hands-on experience to develop members’ tactical skills and personal battle prowess.

Once each member has completed his/her training in its entirety and is completely trusted, the member will be given the new title of Blade Dancer Apprentice and given the information about the emblem that all wear so that each Blade Dancer may identify one another and to know that they were genuine and not shams. Rings, cloak pins, hair and head pieces, buckles, medallions, and pendants that carry the emblem are available for each Blade Dancer to use. It does the Order no good carry the insignia embroidered on clothes or emblazoned on cloaks. This will only lead to unwanted attention, distrust, and hate.

The Order of the Blade Dancers began in ancient times and was founded by Miranu Rain, once a general of a great army and later an ambassador. After her death, the seat of Head Master Blade Dancer was created and her son Winter became head of the Order. Since then, the descendants of Miranu Rain held the position of Head of the Order until the need of Blade Dancers dwindled and the Order went into hiding. All records concerning the heads of the Order during this time have been lost. The current Head of the Order is unknown.

History of the Blade Dancers

The origin of this select group is shrouded in the mists of time, but scholars of this group all agree that the Blade Dancers began as an elite sect of combatants comprised of knights, martial artists, and other various peoples sworn to protect those leaders of the known ancient world to ensure that balance was maintained between all of them. As the world grew and the people became more intellectual in their dealings with one another, the need for Blade Dancers began to dwindle. After a time, they went into hiding or became protectors of select families. This continued on for generations until they passed into legend. It is said now that they are again needed.

The Blade Dancers began to work in secret unbeknownst to the world and even those they protected were unaware of who their protectors really were. The Blade Dancers enjoyed total secrecy. They continued to watch over the world this way with their brethren the Shadow Walkers and the Blood Singers, other sects that watch over the world in their own way who also share the same roots as the Blade Dancers. Together, they were able to maintain a type of peace that was beneficial for the world.

Those who still practiced and trained in the way of the Blade Dancers continued to do so. They found others who showed potential to become part of their sect and were brought in and taught their ways.

The Dancers continued, selecting very carefully those who would join their ranks, normally orphaned or only children. Schools of swordsmanship proclaiming they taught the Blade Dancer forms sprang up, many times deluding the hopeful they would be renown swordsmen. The Blade Dancers did nothing to stop them, but they did take those showing promise and trained them.

Over the centuries their numbers grew smaller despite their best efforts to increase ranks. Finding those worthy enough to carry on their traditions became more difficult until there were only a handful left. Now, the Blade Dancers slowly die away with their numbers growing fewer and fewer every year. Only a select few are taught this ancient form of combat, even in families of Blade Dancers. Now, only the most worthy are taught.


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