The Order of the Blood Singers

Planet of Origin: L’Main
Continent: Unknown (UNK)
Current Whereabouts: UNK; presumed to have spread from Planet of Origin to other nearby planets in the system before contact was lost.

The Blood Singers were once part of the Order of the Blade Dancers, and like them and the Shadow Walkers, bore the same mission: protect leaders of the known ancient world to ensure that the balanced was maintained between all of them.

Their members also comprised of a variety of warriors and magic users; however, there was one thing that separated them from their brethren: they were berserkers. Unlike most, they were able to control their berserker state, after a fashion. The smell of blood heightened their sense and reflexes. The taste of it induced their berserker state.

Legends would later tell of their tenacity and ferocity, and many others would speak of how one Blood Singer could turn the tide of a battle, could be the difference between victory and defeat, and could defeat an army.

History of the Blood Singers

They began as a specialized force withing the Blade Dancers and were only called upon in dire circumstances. These berserkers were given the name of Blood Singers, for it was rumoured that the very air sang with blood. Members of this group within the Blade Dancers were regarded warily, but with a great deal of respect.

The Blood Singers remained with the Blade Dancers when the Shadow Walkers broke off to create their own Order; however, when the world no longer seemed to need the Blade Dancers and Shadow Walkers, the members of the Blood Singers felt it was time to go their own way. They became a loosely knit group of wanderers and mercenaries, usually meeting other members by chance.

The Blade Dancers and Shadow Walkers still called upon their services from time to time, and the older Blood Singers realized that they needed to be more organized. It was then that the Order of the Blood Singers was founded by Hjordis.

Following the example of the Blade Dancers, she bought land in a secluded part of the world and began building a compound. It is here that other berserkers were brought to be trained. A network branched out across the world. The Blood Singers began to work closely with the other orders, showing that the berserkers were more than just frenzied warriors.

As the need for them began to dwindle, fewer potential members were brought to the Blood Singers. Still, they continued to watch, train, and practice with the patience and calm that they were famed for. Their services would be needed again, as all things were cyclical. It would be but a matter of time, even if they became nothing more than rumour and myth.


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