The Order of the Shadow Walkers

Planet of Origin: L’Main
Continent: Unknown (UNK)
Current Whereabouts: UNK; Order is presumed to have left with the Blade Dancers to other planets before contact was lost

History of the Shadow Walkers

The origin of this group is shrouded in mystery, but scholars of this group all agree that the Shadow Walkers began as an elite sect of combatants comprised of knights, martial artists, and other various peoples sworn to protect those leaders of the known ancient world to ensure that balance was maintained between all of them. As the world grew and the people became more intellectual in their dealings with one another, the need for Shadow Walkers began to dwindle. After a time, they went into hiding or became protectors of select families. This continued on for generations until they passed into legend.

There were certain members of the Blade Dancers that felt that their operations in secret helped the world more than when they operated openly. Overruled by the Headmaster, they left the Blade Dancers and formed their own group: the Shadow Walkers. They took what they knew and applied it to their new group, tweaking and changing things here and there. They would not perform their duties out in the open but from the shadows.

Out of respect for the Blade Dancers, they never interfered in their work. At times they helped one another but kept mostly to themselves. It was soon noticed by the two headmasters that the Blade Dancers and the Shadow Walkers complimented each other and that each Order could do things that the other could not. The resentment between the two orders was set aside as efforts were made to work together along with the Blood Singers

They began to work in secret unbeknownst to the world and even those they protected were unaware of who their protectors really were. The two orders enjoyed total secrecy. They continued to watch over the world this way with their brethren the Blood Singers, another sect that watched over the world in their own way who also share the same roots as the Blade Dancers and Shadow Walkers. Together, they were able to maintain a type of peace that was beneficial for the world.

Like the Blade Dancers, the Shadow Walkers continued to practice and train. They found others who showed great potential and were brought in and taught their ways, normally choosing orphaned or only children. Despite their best efforts, their ranks began to dwindle. The need for the Blade Dancers and the Shadow Walkers seemed to have passed altogether with the first Renaissance of the influential countries of the world. Carrying on their traditions became more difficult as those worthy enough became harder to find.

The two orders slowly died away with their numbers growing fewer and fewer every year. Now only a select few are taught.

Teachings of the Shadow Walkers

The first thing a Shadow Walker learns is to be inconspicuous, to blend in with one’s surroundings. Going unnoticed is key. This allows the Shadow Walkers to surprise the assailant and also to lure in any assassins. By looking as though one is part of the crowd or part of an entourage, it gives the opponent a false sense of security.

Speed is also essential. The faster an opponent is dealt with the less chance there will be of retaliation as well as discovery by other outside parties. It is encourage that one keeps their movements to a minimum. With enough training and practice, such movements will seem to be but a blur to the untrained eye.

It is best not to fight unless absolutely necessary. Friendly spars amongst each other are encouraged but dissuaded with outside parties. One does not engage in battle unless the opponent strikes first (with or without warning) or the charge’s life is in danger

The protection of the charge is first and foremost in every action a Shadow Walker takes. Their safety is most important, even if this means the sacrifice of one’s self. The duty of a Shadow Walker is to protect, whether it be one’s charge or the innocent.

These things must be kept prevalent in one’s mind if there is to be any hope of becoming a Shadow Walker.


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