The Scutarius Brotherhood

Planet of Origin: Laskanda
Current Whereabouts:
L’Main, Caselien, Laskanda, and other world hubs

History of the Scutarius Brotherhood

The Brotherhood started out as a closed organization, where only the privileged were allowed to join. Typically royalty and select nobility of Laskanda. As the organization spread from Aiton to other continents on Laskanda and the changing socio-economic status of the people, it was determined that the Brotherhood should be open to all.

At first, only boys were admitted, but over time girls were admitted as well. Unlike many other organizations, the Scutarius Brotherhood prides itself on being able to adapt to each world it has established an outpost on as well as being able to change with the times. They have on more than one occasion instated new rules to reflect the social norms of the times, but maintaining their core values.

A well respected organization, the Scutarius Brotherhood has grown from being seen as fostering young men to become knights, but is now often looked to by many families to help young boys and girls to broaden their practical skills – survival, travel, as well as domestic – and to reinforce responsibility and their duty to society.


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