Religion is a deeply personal thing and seems to vary from culture to culture, world to world.  For instance, on Caselien religion is important but nearly so much as science and history.  However, in certain parts of L’Main religion and magic are of far more importance than science and technology.

Seeing as there are so many worlds with different ideas of what their gods are, much less what they look like and what they’re called, I’ve gathered together the most influential ones and presented them here.

Below are listed the most recurrent gods and demi-gods in this universe.  With each god, I will list where they are worshiped the most as well as any other details that might seem important for later uses.

Notes: The gods can change their gender at will, but not half-gods.  It should also be noted that many of the gods are also perceived by how one views the diety.  For example, in several cultures the moon is feminine and the sun masculine.  These cultures would see the gods of the moon and sun as female and male respectively.  The opposite would be true as well.

Major Gods

Minor Gods


The Seven Fallen Gods


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