The Seven Fallen Gods

Ennoea, God of Chaos, God of the Air
More of a primordial being than a god, Ennoea is considered the most powerful of all the fallen gods, only one thing is known for sure: from Aion Teleos came Ennoea, who gave thought and intent to the universe. For a being so powerful, no one is sure how Ennoea became one of the fallen gods, but some believe that he allowed himself to be cast out.  Her true purpose is to find Caen, who was cast down to the mortal plane and split in two, and restore Caen to Their rightful place by Ahkana’s side. This, he believes, will return things to the way they should be.

Ennoea takes on any form that suits her needs for whatever situation is at hand. It should be noted that Ennoea seems to favour auburn coloured hair and dark green eyes. Perhaps in homage to those gods that are considered “dark” or “evil.” She’s of average height and build. When she walks into a room, everyone notices her. She has great presence and most people describe it as her just being there.

Other Names


Presides Over
Thought, intent, the deeper mysteries

Any and all things, be they burnt by fire, cast into the sea, buried in the ground, or taken by the air


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