The History of Rader Rahn

Rader Rahn was born to a farmer in the country of Symterra on the planet L’Main. He had a basic education, including mathematics and literacy, just enough to do basic math and read and write his name. When he was old enough, he was set to work on the farm helping his father and older siblings. He was not content to just be a farmer when he grew older.

Wanting to learn more about the world beyond, he joined the Symterran military when he came of age. He spent several years as a soldier before leaving once his contract was up. Selling all of his possessions, he set out with the intention to travel the world. There are no records to where he traveled to before his arrival in Aearion, but it’s theorized that he hired himself out as a mercenary to support himself and at one point came into contact with a Blade Dancer. The Order of the Blade Dancers do have him recorded as one of their exemplary Blade Dancers. It can be assumed that he was taken into their Order and given formal training. When he attained the rank of Blade Dancer Third Class he was allowed to travel the world. After various missions and many years, he attained the rank of Blade Dancer First Class; however, the wanderlust still pulled at him and he continued to travel. It has yet to be confirmed, but it’s thought that Rader never took a student to teach.

After arriving in Aearion, Rader settled down and joined the military once more. Records indicate that he joined a ritual battle competition that would determine the latest additions to the royal guard, but due to the country’s xenophobia Rader was denied becoming a royal guard. Instead, he was offered to come to Gerryn by Queen Asryia, who had been invited to watch by the royal family. Queen Asyria is famously quoted as saying, “If Aearion does not want such a splendid warrior, Gerryn would gladly accept him.”

Rader left Aearion for Gerryn, seeing little opportunity for him there. At the queen’s request, he was made part of her royal guard. History is quiet on how the two eventually fell in love, but after several years and many exploits later Rader was named her consort. They had one child, a daughter named Mneme.

It was much later in life that they were invited by the royal family of Laskanda to visit. Their first few days were spent happily enough, but then reports came in of a rampaging sea dragon. As the dragon came closer to Adlam, preparations were made to fortify the city against these attacks. Their efforts failed and Rader offered to slay it with the help of a team to help bring it down. A trap was set and the sea dragon was immobilized long enough for Rader to deliver the killing blow. Unfortunately, he suffered severe wounds from the strenuous efforts to trap and subdue the dragon, which eventually killed him.

Centuries later when the Altalvians invaded Laskanda, Rader Rahn’s image and heroic efforts were used to galvanize the Laskandians to overthrow the Altalvians and reclaim their world. The Laskandians honour him to this day, a museum exhibit on display in his honour with many of his weapons, armour, and personal belongings. Many are now replicas, as the originals were returned home, along with his body, once the gateways were reactivated. Once the Head Master of the Blade Dancers heard of what had befallen Rader Rahn, he was promoted to Master Blade Dancer posthumously.

He was known as a quiet man who spoke little and only when spoken to. He was intensely private and never revealed much about himself. He had a generous, kind nature and was slow to anger. Once his anger was aroused, however, not many stood a chance against him. His particular variation of the Blade Dancer forms were distinctive and it was not uncommon for enemies to refuse to fight him as soon as the form or he was recognized.


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