The Altalvian Occupation

The Altalvians are a warlike race, bent on conquering other worlds to expand their empire.  They came to Laskanda for its vast resources, mainly water, Laskandian DNA (due to the inhabitants living such a long time), rare minerals, and materials.  Ships were first sighted on the planetary defense system of Laskanda, but try as they might the planet was no match for the might of the Altalvian Empire.  What the Laskandians thought would take weeks took the invading forces days.

Knowing that the Altalvians would use Caeruleus Aether to invade other worlds, the ruling family made the decision to destroy the gates in the hopes of slowing the Altalvian forces down.  Sending as many refugees as they could through the gates and ensuring that envoys were sent to each world in the hopes of alerting them to the potential threat of invasion, the Laskandians shut the gates down.  Possibly destroying their only escape for good.

The occupation lasted two Altalvian generations.  The royal family was imprisoned and publicly executed, as were any who dared to oppose their rule.  The occupying forces were quick to ferret out any magic users and either imprison or execute them.  The world was slowly drained of its resources.

Realizing that the Altalvians would leave as soon as the world was dead, a rebellion movement began.  At its center was a young woman who claimed to be the last living member of the royal family named Callina and a man named Damien Ovalin.  It began small and quietly, with word dispersed in quiet corners.  They began to learn how to use magic once more, knowing that if any of the Altalvian forces found out that their efforts would have all been in vain.

After years of patient waiting and practicing, the rebellion finally had enough forces to fight back.  They gained little in first few years, but as they improved their tactics and gained more momentum, the rebellion was successful in not only defeating the Altalvians, but banishing them from the planet all together and sending them back to their home world.

Using a combination of magic and technology, they created a new defense system in the hopes of repelling other invasion forces.  During this time, they rebuilt what gates they could and reopened the path way to L’Main and Caselien after three centuries.


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