That New Story

masque05 by timepunchingI’m still working on it. The trouble is that where I want to start the story and where the story wants to begin are in different spots. I’ll be heading down south for Thanksgiving. The plan is to work on an outline and perhaps do some writing. I’ll be reworking a playlist on my iPod to help.

It’s not a novel, the story I want to tell. It’s a background story. A short one. It explains a lot of the nature of a few characters’ relationship with each other and others.

Wish me luck.


It’s Finished!

Wow, what a wild ride! I can’t believe The Prince and the Valkyrie is done! I’m really pleased with how this all turned out, and these characters are some of my favourite. I’m hoping to delve into a couple of characters that were introduced in this story to explore more of their background, but we’ll see. I have a couple of other projects in the works and I should write an outline.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing. I hope everyone has a fabulous week. I’ll announce the next writing project once it’s ready and I’m working on it. Keep an eye on Caeruleus Aether for details.

NaNoWriMO 2015


That’s right! I’m participating again this year. I did something different this time and created an outline. I don’t know how well the muse will follow the outline, but it’s been helpful so far. I had a splurge of activity during the first two days, but it’s tapered off the past few days. Namely because of training for the new job. My brain is about ready to burst with all the information they’re trying to dump into my brain. By the time I get home, I want to work on other projects: the herb garden, cleaning up the loft, cleaning out the storage unit, cleaning the condo, and sewing projects. Those are just some of the things. This is my last week of training and then I’m jumping right into my new shift.

Even so, I have a feeling that most of my writing will be done on the weekends, and very little be updated during the week. Anyway, this was just a quick post. I hope everyone has a good week!

NaNo 2015

alchemy06 by timepunchingNaNoWriMo is coming up again. I’m leaning toward writing about Lucien, although I have more ideas about Vaeramae; however, I think it would be neat to see how Lucien views the Valkyrie. I do have an idea about the final battle. It’s more of a drabble, really. It’s an idea I can use or rework later.

I know Lucien’s story will be longer than 50K if I do decide to work on his story. Serena made a good point: i can use the drabble and what I write during NaNo as groundwork for his story. I think my best course will be to create an outline. That will help me with the direction I need to go in and where to start.

If I want to be prepared for November 1st, I better start working.