Caselien, The Home World of the Dark Ones

Government: General Government: Monarchy
Population Density: 235 million (60% Caselien, 3% Laskandian, 15% Vampire, 2% Elf, 2% Korusco, 1% Drow, 5% Dhampire, 1% Dragon, 11% Otherworlders)
Terrain Type: Desert 15%, Forest/Jungle/Rainforest 30%, Grassland/Savannah 40%, Mountain 3%, Coastal 25%, Barren 10%, arable land 18%, irrigated 5%
Climate: Variable
Major Trade: Fruit, Spices, Meats, Herbs, Precious Metals, Precious Gems, Arcane Items, domestic animals, Stone, Books, Clothing, Armor,
Technology: Magic and water/physics
Alignment: Allied
National Map List: Onslow, Tiernay, Rhefeldt, Kirnan, Islip, Eytinge
Rulers: Varied

A lush, green world that relies heavily on magic for its technology along with the use of water and natural physics (think basic physics, like some of the weight systems used by the Greeks and Arab nations in ancient times), Caselien has become a haven for many Laskandians stranded from their home after the gates shut down.

Now that the gates are open once more, many of the ruling countries are eager to begin trade again with Laskanda and some of the other worlds that they had contact with before the collapse of the gate system. Many of the ruling countries find themselves in an advantageous position with the current state of affairs on Laskanda, what with the ruling family eager to establish trade agreements and alliances quickly in order to stabilize not only the economy but also their position.

That is not to say that all of the ruling and powerful countries on Caselien are solely interested in the benefits that trade with Laskandian technology will bring them. Many have ancient ties to Laskanda, others are descendants of the Laskandians that had been stranded on the planet, and wish to help Laskanda. Still others hope for Laskanda to become the political powerhouse that it once was. Whatever the reason, many hope for Laskanda’s return to power.


The most populated continent on the planet and where many of the nocturnal races live due to the overcast skies. It rains quite a bit of the time and experiences the four seasons. The summers are typically cool and rarely ever the hot blistering days that many other places on the world experiences.

Kingdom of Idlesie
An island kingdom near Islip, but not actually part of it. There was revolt and the monarchy was overthrown. As far as anyone knows, no member of the royal family survived, and if they did all are in hiding.

Population: 100,000 (Caslien 75%, Elf 19%, Half Elven 6%)
Government: Monarchy (overthrown)
Known Exports: Incense, Silk, Wine, Books, Horses, Perfume, Beef, Herbs, Artwork, Clothing, Cloth, Rugs, Pottery, Spices, Wool, Tea, Ships, and Ship Supplies
Climate: Temperate
Rulers: N/A

Barony of Chalcedony
A lush, green area of land that borders the Princedom of S’ran and home of a mysterious castle. The barony has strong ties with Laskanda and exports a great deal of their food and livestock to the planet. The baron is none other than Alexander von Blair, once part of the guard that protected the royal family of Laskanda before the gates shut down. They most often ally with S’ran. A great deal of the barony is actually farmland and shares part of the coast with the neighboring Princedom of S’ran.

Population: 48,600 (Caslien 40%, Laskandian 30%, Elf 6%, Other Worlders 3%, Half Elven 6%, Drow 4%, Korusco 3%, Vampire 5%, Dhampire 3%)
Government: Barony
Known Exports: Incense, Stone, Silk, Wine, Books, Pork, Horses, Perfume, Beef, Herbs, Clothing, Leather Goods, Cloth, Trade Goods, Ale, Cheese, Furs, Pottery, Spices, Wool, Tea, and Ship Supplies
Climate: Temperate
Rulers: Baron Alexander von Blair and Baroness Ceria von Blair
Marquis Alexander Rader von Blair
Marques Nova von Blair

Princedom/Principality of S’ran
A coastal kingdom that is beginning to recover after a previous ruler a couple of generations back drove the principality into the ground. Many of the ports have been opened up and roads are being established, as well as recognizing trade from the surrounding lands. The prince is a huge patron of the arts as well as inventions and makes a point to offer assistance to those that wish to pursue such careers. In recent years, the princedom has become known as a mecca for art and science.

Population: 538,400(Caslien 40%, Elf 19%, Other Worlders 10%, Half Elven 6%,Drow 4%, Korusco 3%, Vampire 2%, Dragon 1%, Dhampire1%)
Government: Monarchy
Known Exports: Stone, Silk, Wine, Pork, Horses, Beef, Coal, Herbs, Weapons, Artwork, Clothing, Glass, Leather Goods, Cloth, Jewelry, Rugs, Trade Goods, Furs, Pottery, Spices, Wool, Ship Supplies, and Caravan Supplies
Climate: Temperate
Rulers: Prince Adrian Cross


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