Laskanda, The Home World of the Phoenix

Government: General Government: Monarchy (Empire)
Population Density:
450 million (70% Laskandian, 20% Human, 3% Vampire, 2% Elf, 2% Korusco, 1% Drow, 1% Dhampire, 1% Dragon) Note:this population number was before the Altalvian invasion
Terrain Type:
Desert 25%, Forest/Jungle/Rainforest 12%, Grassland/Savannah 40%, Mountain 3%,
Coastal 25%, Barren 10%, arable land 18%, irrigated 5%
Major Trade:
(Exotic Animals, Fish, Fruit, Spices, Meats, Herbs,) Precious Metals, Precious Gems, (domestic animals)
Note: those items in parentheses are what Laskanda exported before the Altalvian occupation
Steam and magic
National Map List:
Laicwell, Aiton, Kavanagh, Pellyn, Haineau, Aongaos
Empress Callina and Emperor Damien
Crown Prince Iason

Laskanda is one of three satellite moons orbiting the planet of Diova, the other two being Ayeme and Ecei and is the only known habitable satellite. It was a major trading post amongst the planets in its immediate galaxy before the Altalvian occupation. With the overthrow of the Altalvians and the reactivation of the gates, the people of Laskanda are attempting to put their lives back to together. Much is in disarray and the steam technology that they once possessed is being reclaimed.

With trade being opened once more with the other planets, the former empire was reinstated after the revolution, but it is on the verge of collapse. Enlisting the help of the other planets, rather than being a planet hosting a trade market, Laskanda is trading technology and engineers for returns of food and livestock. It’s a delicate situation, but one where many may benefit from.

For centuries, the moon was considered a place of sanctuary for all to go to if they were seeking refuge. Laskanda is considered neutral territory and while some have attempted to start a war with the planet for harbouring fugitives, the once beautiful planet had the means to defend itself. Now with the Empire of Laskanda finding itself in a precarious position, they have opened their borders for trade and travel only. For the moment, it’s an estimated two human generations before the planet will be healed enough for the Laskandians to grow their own food


The largest continent on Laskanda. It is in these lands that most, if not all, of the races in this world and others meet. The palace of the empress is located here, along with many of the ruins and remnants of Altalvian technology. For now, this is one of the most well developed continents as the moon struggles to overcome the destruction caused by the Altalvian occupation

Population: 733,600 (Laskandian 40%, Elf 19%, Other Worlders 10%, Half Elven 6%, Dwarven 6%, Drow 4%, Korusco 3%, Vampire 2%, Dragon 1%, Dhampire1%)
Government: Monarchy
Known Exports: Incense, Stone, Pipe weed, Silk, Wine, Books, Coffee, Pork, Horses, Perfume, Mercenaries, Beef, Coal, Herbs, Weapons, Artwork, Clothing, Glass, Leather Goods, Armor, Cloth, Jewelry, Rugs, Trade Goods, Ale, Cheese, Furs, Pottery, Spices, Wool, Tea, Ship Supplies, and Caravan Supplies
Climate: Mediterranean, Tropical

Adlam is the capital city of Laskanda, the biggest and usually first trading post on the planet, and the seat of power for the current ruler Empress Callina and her husband Emperor Damien Tierce Ovalin. The city has its share of crime, but is held in check by the imperial guards scattered throughout the walled city. It is the largest of all known cities and most tolerant of everyone. You will see anything and everything within Adlam ’s walls, and if you need something you undoubtedly will find it here.

All races meet here as if it’s the center of the known world. After many started to congregate here and settle down in the city bringing their vast imaginations and creativity Adlam began to grow exponentially. It’s a place where even the smallest of ideals can thrive and a place where the evilest of tendencies can hide in its unseen crevasses throughout. Adlam is also the home of the Ovalin specialty alcoholic drink, created by the emperor himself before marriage to Empress Callina. It comes in a variety of flavours and is rumoured to be able to even knock a full grown dragon out.


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