L’Main, The Home World of the Ancient Ones

Government: General Government: Monarchy
Population Density: 500 million (70% L’Main,15% Elf, 5% Half-Elven, 3% Vampire, 2% Korusco, 1% Drow, 1% Dhampire, 1% Dragon, 1% Golem, 1% Dwarf)
Terrain Type: Arable land: 13%, Permanent crops: 5%,, Permanent pastures: 26%, Forests and woodland: 32%, Urban areas: 2%, Other: 22%
Moons: Two, Silivrenniel and Ithilwen
Climate: Variable
Major Trade: Exotic Animals, Fish, Fruit, Spices, Meats, Herbs, Precious Metals, Precious Gems, Domestic Animals, Arcane Items
Technology: Varied
Alignment: Neutrality
National Map List: Onera, Acone, Eachthighearna, Eidhin, Caoindealbháin, Faolán, Cniht
Rulers: Many

A varied world of lush jungles, dense forests, and dry climates, L’Main has long been considered the cradle of civilization for the part of the galaxy that it resides in. Magic and science is in abundance on this world and many ancient relics, cities, and civilizations exist alongside the new, and many are seen as holy sites. Most famous among them is the ancient capital of the Aestosi Empire: Tymy.

Since the collapse of the gate system, L’Main has done well for itself. There was a variety of scientific and technological advances as well as discoveries of lost magics. For the moment, the world seems to be watching in anticipation of what archeological digs will find on Tymy and the surrounding area, as the ancient empire that ruled from the city influenced much of the world and how it is today.

With the gates in operation again, many countries are curious to see how the rest of the system in their area as well as parts of the galaxy are doing. While not necessarily eager for trade, many are looking forward to some of the imports from other worlds that have long been missed.

Since the recent news of Laskanda’s plight, many of the countries are willing to offer aid but the planet as a whole has yet to declare if it will or not. There have been rumblings of reestablishing a council of all the nations so that the world may come to a consensus as to what to offer. If not, many countries are considering offering aid regardless.

Now that more worlds are opening up, many are wondering if old alliances and trade routes will be reconfirmed in an act of good will. So much as changed, and with many worlds having fallen back into a crises state, occupied, or advanced, no one is entirely sure where to go. For the moment, L’Main has declared itself a neutral world and is content to wait and watch for what will happen next.


Walk into the Woods?

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